Welcome to AFRAM

“Power to AFRAM”

Welcome to the home of opportunity, engagement, accountability, and fellowship. As we begin to navigate our way in a post-pandemic new normal, we must not assume that racism and inequity have ceased nor desisted. The new “reckoning” looks different but is still grounded in systemic and institutional disparities and challenges. AFRAM continues to raise awareness and promote social change within our union. Your membership is more than signing an application. It is your commitment to possessing good intentions when the caucus addresses perpetuated injustice and the racial heirarchy in our communities, states, nation, and even within our union. Your dedication to achieving racial equity among our labor membership and staff is imperative to the core and success of our caucus.

AFRAM promises to fulfill the following:

  • always respect everyone’s humanity
  • respect the voices of the workers and fellow caucuses
  • value and respect our leadership, understanding there will be moments when everyone will not be pleased
  • cultivate, steward, and deploy new leaders
  • learn from the past and our history of oppression to break free from it
  • share knowledge and build interdependence
  • affirm the “genius” of our membership through support, encouragement, and care
  • embrace activism as the essential component in making our caucus stronger
  • be deliberate, purposeful, and focused in our organizing efforts
  • create a space for fellowship, community and alliance

No one person can win the fight against social, racial, wage, or disability injustices. WE NEED EACH OTHER. As we coalesce to bring forth a powerful and transformative movement within our union, we want each of you to feel inspired, empowered, and optimistic about the work that our caucus is doing.

So, to our seasoned AFRAM veterans and to our newest AFRAM soldiers, we say:

“Welcome to AFRAM”