National Executive Board


Andy Johnson, National President

(Vacant – National Treasurer)

Tonia McMillian, National Secretary


Harrison Bullard, President – Central Region

  • Jaquie Algee
  • Betty Boles
  • Dian Palmer

Marshall Jackson, President – Eastern Region

  • Kyle Bragg
  • Daniel Fields, Jr
  • Tyrek Lee

Carol Maxey-Ware, President – Western Region

  • Marilyn DeRouen
  • Carol Harris
  • Michele Reed

Coy Jones, President – Southern Region

  • Edward Smith
  • Kaydra Bonamay

Janel James – Millennial Council

Tonia McMillian – Webmaster


A message from President Andy Johnson…
It is my honor to serve as your President, member, and friend. When SEIU-AFRAM members become immersed into political or contractual campaigns, we help labor-friendly candidates win elections; therefore, we win quality benefits and fair wages for our members and their families. Some of my priorities will be defining the caucus agenda, identifying programs and initiatives that best serve the caucus and our membership, and developing member organizing strategies which concentrate on growth and commitment. I look forward to renewing old relationships and creating new ones in the next two (2) years.

Let’s continue to work together as we address political, social, and economic challenges which hinder the advancement of people of African descent! When we fight, We win!

Click here for President Johnson’s 2020 Vision that was presented at the 2019 Leadership Development Conference:!Akoa3XdPcxoG0EKu9U_7y9Pmo_JN