Just in case you want to follow the presidential election to the very end, here’s the calendar of “events” for you to keep track! Enjoy!

Jan. 14Des MoinesSeventh Democratic primary debateWill be co-hosted by CNN and The Des Moines Register at Drake University.
Feb. 7Manchester, N.H.Eighth Democratic primary debateWill be co-hosted by ABC, WMUR and Apple News at St. Anselm College.
Feb. 19Las VegasNinth Democratic primary debateWill be co-hosted by NBC News, MSNBC and The Nevada Independent.
Feb. 25Charleston, S.C.Tenth Democratic primary debateWill be co-hosted by CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute at The Gaillard Center. Twitter will be a debate partner.
MarchEleventh Democratic primary debate
AprilTwelfth Democratic primary debate
Sept. 29Notre Dame, Ind.First presidential debateUniversity of Notre Dame
Oct. 7Salt Lake CityVice presidential debateUniversity of Utah
Oct. 15Ann ArborSecond presidential debateUniversity of Michigan
Oct. 22NashvilleThird presidential debateBelmont University

Primaries and Caucuses

From the Iowa caucuses to Election Day, here is a look at which states vote when, and where the largest troves of delegates are at stake.

*The date for one or more listed events is tentative.

3 Mon. Iowa caucusesBecause these are the first votes cast, there is a lot at stake in terms of momentum and attention from donors and the news media. The results here will winnow the field.4140
11 Tue. New Hampshire primariesDon’t be surprised if only a few candidates are still standing after the votes are counted here. 2422
22 Sat. Nevada Democratic caucusesAnother key early state with a high-turnout caucus, and the first one with a significant Hispanic population.36
29 Sat. South Carolina Democratic primaryThis state will offer the first real indication of the candidates’ strengths with black voters.54
March 2020Dem.DemocraticRep.Republican
3 Tue. Alabama primariesSuper Tuesday accounts for about 40 percent of total delegate allocation.5250
American Samoa Democratic caucus6
Arkansas primaries3140
California primariesBecause it has the largest delegate trove in the country, California is key to Super Tuesday.415172
Colorado primaries6734
Maine primaries2422
Massachusetts primaries9141
Minnesota primaries7539
North Carolina primaries*11071
Oklahoma primaries3743
Tennessee primaries6458
Texas primaries*The second-largest delegate trove of the primary.228155
Utah primaries2940
Vermont primaries*1617
Virginia Democratic primary99
Democrats Abroad primary13
10 Tue. Idaho primaries*2032
Michigan primariesMidwestern powerhouses like Michigan and Ohio will test the candidates’ appeal among suburbanites, African-Americans and working-class white voters. If the race is not decided on Super Tuesday, this could be a line of demarcation.12573
Mississippi primaries3640
Missouri primaries6854
North Dakota Democratic caucuses14
Washington primaries8944
12 Thu. Virgin Islands Republican caucus*6
14 Sat. Guam Republican caucus*6
Northern Marianas Democratic convention6
Wyoming Republican conventions*26
17 Tue. Arizona Democratic primaryIf one candidate sweeps Arizona, Florida and Illinois, there will be immense pressure on the other candidates to exit the race.67
Florida primaries219122
Illinois primaries15567
Northern Marianas Republican convention*9
Ohio primaries13682
21 Sat. Kentucky Republican caucuses*46
24 Tue. American Samoa Republican caucus*6
Georgia primaries10576
29 Sun. Puerto Rico Democratic primary51
April 2020Dem.DemocraticRep.Republican
4 Sat. Alaska Democratic primary15
Hawaii Democratic primary24
Louisiana primaries*5446
Wyoming Democratic caucuses14
7 Tue. Wisconsin primaries8452
28 Tue. Connecticut primaries6028
Delaware primaries*2116
Maryland primaries9638
New York primariesThis may be the last big delegate day of the race. If one candidate dominates every state this late in the primary, party leaders will likely move to get behind that person and seek to bring the race to an end.27495
Pennsylvania primaries18634
Rhode Island primaries2619
May 2020Dem.DemocraticRep.Republican
2 Sat. Guam Democratic caucus7
Kansas Democratic primary39
5 Tue. Indiana primaries*8258
12 Tue. Nebraska primaries2936
West Virginia primaries2834
19 Tue. Kentucky Democratic primary54
Oregon primaries6128
June 2020Dem.DemocraticRep.Republican
2 Tue. District of Columbia primaries2019
Montana primaries1927
New Jersey primaries*12649
New Mexico primaries3422
South Dakota primaries*1629
6 Sat. Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses7
7 Sun. Puerto Rico Republican primary*23
July 2020
13-16 Mon. Democratic National ConventionDemocratic officials chose Milwaukee as the site of the party’s nominating convention, placing a spotlight on a key Midwestern battleground state.
August 2020
24-27 Mon. Republican National ConventionThe Republicans will hold their convention in Charlotte, N.C.
November 2020
3 Tue. Election Day


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