Greetings AFRAM Family,

Due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the Covid – 19 Pandemic, the AFRAM National and Regional Elections have been postponed. The AFRAM National Executive Board made this executive decision based on a motion made by the Regional Presidents.

It was the recommendation from the Regional Presidents and the Executive Board based on the following factors:

  1. Inability to meet on the National and Regional level face to face over the past 18 months.
  2. The Regional Presidents mentioned that since the Pandemic, they have seen a lack of consistent participation from their perspective regional board members. This has slowed down the implementation of the National and Regional Board agendas.
  3. The Executive Board is concerned about the integrity of the elections process. Recognizing that for the first time ever this convention will be virtual, the Board collectively agreed that accountability and transparency would be of the upmost importance. Therefore, the elections are postponed until our membership can meet in person.
  4. The Executive Board had previously waived the elections for the Southern and Western Regions to maintain continuity in leadership and to get all regions on the same election cycle as the National elections.

Our next elections will take place at our next face to face convention which will take place in the Western Region in April of 2023. Per a motion made by the National Executive Board, all National and Regional elections will commence at that convention.

It is not the Executive Board’s intent to circumvent the election process or to undermine the Constitution and Bylaws of the AFRAM Caucus. This was a conscientious effort by the AFRAM Executive Board to maintain leadership in all our regions of the country.

In solidarity,

Andy Johnson, President

National AFRAM Caucus